K9 Nose Work® is an odour-training game that uses your dog’s extremely strong sense of smell.

Inspired by working detection dogs, K9 Nose Work® has become a fast growing sport in the USA. It is a fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs. If they have a nose they can do K9 Nose Work®! This easy to learn sport is both fun for dog and handler.

Let your dog play detective in one of the fastest-growing dog sports in the world.


Your dog will learn to rediscover their search instincts and you will learn to be a supportive partner in the game by reading their canine body language and watch their confidence grow!

This urban scent game is not quite the same as tracking, you and your dog will learn to search in many different environments including buildings and vehicles.

This is a game you can continue to play at home and when on the go with your dog.

Initially we will start by building your dogs confidence and excitement about the game by searching for their favourite reward. During this time, training centres on your handling techniques, being able to read your dog and most importantly building a sense of fun for your dog to participate. Building your dogs motivation and confidence is essential during this phase.

As you progress in levels you may want to challenge your dog on specific odours, you will be amazed of what that canine nose can do!


No prior obedience or scent work training is required. We also welcome all breeds and shy or reactive dogs.

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Please select your preferred class (click on the class picture below) and fill out our class form to enrol your dog. Payment is required at time of booking to secure your position as class size is limited to a maximum of six dogs. Please note it is a pre requisite that you have completed the K9 Nose Work® Six Week Introduction course with Helping Hounds (or qualified K9 Nose Work® Instructor) before enrolling into Six Week Introduction to ODOUR Course.  Open classes are specifically for those who have already graduated to their first Odour (Birch). If you would like more information about what the best course is for you – Contact Us

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Helping Hounds hosts International speakers, ACSW Odour Recognition Test and Trials, and K9 Nose Work® information seminars.

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