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Great Start Puppy Online

Set up your baby puppy for success in the human world!

Proudly Hosted by Helping Hounds


The best start for your Baby Puppy…


This 4 week training course covers:


* Socialisation in isolation!

* Toilet Training

* Setting up for success 

* Puppy Mouthing and teaching bite inhibition from those sharp little teeth

* Fun and useful skills like Sit, beginnings of coming when called, giving up something and how to walk on lead

* Learning to understand your puppies body language what are they trying to tell you?

and much much more…..

Of course this will require a little effort from you too. 

Weekly exercises (videos and notes)  to view via a virtual classroom (will require a google account set up)

Weekly Zoom Class calls to answer questions and practice together


Weekly Training Videos that are easy to follow

In your time and in the comfort of your own home

Zoom weekly support sessions

Comprehensive downloadable Puppy Manual

Talk to us today about how we can help you